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Since coming back to writing, I have written four books, had one big-five publisher, and sold foreign rights in five languages:

Word Wise (Hachette, October 2020).

The Happiness Animal (2014; also French: La Sagesse du Koala (Éditions de la Martinière); Italian, Russian, Spanish). The Happiness Animal reached number 30 in the US Kindle chart.

I’ve also written and sold articles to several publications including Fast Company, delivered seminars on word power to speech language pathologists at New York University, appeared in two interviews with the BBC in the UK, and my most recent book, Word Wise garnered me a speaking slot alongside the Dalai Lama at the world happiness conference.

There have been several other ticketed events, including at the Museum of Words, Planet Word in Washington on the first anniversary of both Planet Word, and Word Wise. 

I’m a British-Australian (more British than Australian) New Yorker but have also lived and worked in India, France and Germany.

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My Story

I grew up on a family farm near Penzance, Cornwall. Yes, the Penzance that made the Pirates famous.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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